AllEarth Solar Trackers capture more of the day’s energy potential, giving you more return on your solar investment. They’re a simple yet powerful solution for a brighter energy future.

Renewable energy – wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass – provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy.  Choosing the right product for the job can make a difference.

There are many products to choose from on the market and always new ones being developed. We source only the highest-quality components and materials from reputable and proven suppliers.

Every solar installation consists of these basic components:


Solar panels use sunlight to produce direct electricity (DC). To be able to use solar electricity, in both on-grid and off-grid solar panel installations, we need to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC); solar inverters are used to make this DC-AC conversion, thus transform solar electricity in a usable form.

  • String inverters: With a central (string) inverter arrangement, solar panels are connected in a series (string connection)
  • Micro-inverters: Unlike central (string) inverters which are used to connect on an array of many solar panels, micro-inverters, as their name ‘micro’ suggests, are designed to connect on to a single or a pair of solar panels – dual micro-inverters.

Base options

  • Solar trackers – For our ground mount PV systems, we are proud to work in partnership with All Earth Renewables, installing Made in VT Solar Trackers. Click for details.
  • Roof racking – For roof mount solar arrays we use a variety of mounting products to fit the panels and provide the look that our customers want.


We have found Solar World and LG to be the most reputable suppliers for solar panels. These companies offer a variety of sizes and wattages, making it easy to design any size project.

  • LG Electronics, Inc. is one of the globally leading companies and technology innovator for electronics, information and communication products. LG’s high quality solar products are being manufactured in LG’s leading production facility in South Korea.
  • SolarWorld is the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, and SolarWorld is uniquely recognized as America’s solar leader. SolarWorld is Made in America, by Americans, for Americans. Click for details.